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YCLSA Gauteng Statement on the highly successful SACP Gauteng 10th Congress

28 March 2012

The Young Communist League of the South Africa [uFasimba] congratulates the South African Communist Party (SACP) for holding a highly successful 10th Provincial Congress from last week Friday to Sunday, 23 to 25 March 2012 in Oupa Phasha District (Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality).

Our presence in Party life

As the YCLSA we formed part of all the processes leading up to and in the 10th SACP Gauteng Congress. We have been involved in building SACP Voting District Branches and ensuring that its district congresses that were held in preparation for the 10th Provincial Congress were successful. We were involved in developing organisational, ideological and political content and assembling leadership in terms of which the 10th SACP Gauteng Provincial Executive Committee (PEC) was unanimously elected.

We had our thirty-member PEC as the YCLSA being part of the delegates to the 10th Party Provincial Congress. The principle that YCLSA members from the age of 16 must join that Party has in addition provided the YCLSA with more delegates in their capacity as SACP members. Amongst them, as the YCLSA we have SACP Voting District Branch Executive Committee members including secretaries and chairpersons, SACP District Executive Committee members and at least one SACP District Secretary. As the YCLSA, we have had and continue to have strong presence in the PEC and Provincial Working Committee (PWC) of the Party.

When therefore as the YCLSA we define ourselves as the Party Builder we are making a meaningful statement which characterise who we are in reality and do in practice. We have come a long way in building unity and cohesion in the Party and in building its structures such as Voting District Branches from below with an aerial support from our presence in the PEC and PWC of the Party.

Our objective at the onset of the Party`s 10th Provincial Congress

At the onset of the Party`s 10th Provincial Congress we set ourselves the task to emerge with a province that: (1) is firmly repositioned in line with the Marxist-Leninist revolutionary principle of democratic centralism within the Party as one integral whole, and (2) has more determination to advance and defend the Party`s approach to the national democratic revolution and the struggle for socialism as developed in its 90 years of existence in general and in particular in its 12th National Congress (2007), Special National Policy Conference (2008) and Special National Congress (2009). We achieved this together with SACP delegates at the 10th Party Provincial Congress.

The Medium Term Vision and South African Road to Socialism

As the YCLSA we fully embrace the resolutions, policy direction and declaration adopted by the 10th Party Provincial Congress.

We welcome the firm stance taken by congress to advance, deepen and defend the Party`s Medium Term Vision (MTV) in the province. Through the MTV the Party seeks to tilt the balance of class forces in favour of the working class. When the MTV is achieved, there shall be no significant centre of power in a position to exercise that power in our society without the presence, influence and impact of the working class under the guidance of Marxist-Leninist principles and the leadership of the Party as the vanguard.

This working class hegemony that the Party seeks to achieve in all centres of power, to name but a few, the community, the workplace, the economy, the ideological terrain (i.e. the entire sphere of the exchange and battle of ideas), the international terrain, and in particular for a revolution worth the name, the state, is the only guarantee to the achievement of a better life for all, young and old, as the fruit of the ultimate defeat of capitalism.

Unwavering expression of confidence in the leadership of our General Secretary

We therefore highly welcome the Party`s 10th Provincial Congress declaration to express confidence and reaffirm principled support to the leadership of our General Secretary Comrade Dr Blade Nzimande in the context of the Party`s Central Committee collective leadership that advances and defends the Party`s MTV and programme the South African Road to Socialism. This declaration is in line with our declarations as the YCLSA from the Provincial Executive Committee Lekgotla (April 2011) and 3rd Provincial Congress (November 2011).

Media review

While the content of the reporting is generally correct we however note the unfortunate headline by the New Age (today, 28 March 2012) which gives an impression that the SACP in Gauteng is attributing the so-called service delivery protests to government. To the contrary, the Party`s position as stated in its statement released yesterday, 27 March 2012, is that it is inconceivable to suggest that our democracy could resolve in 18 years only the contradictions imposed for almost 342 years by colonialism and apartheid.


We wish the 10th SACP Gauteng Congress PEC well in its entire term of office. As the YCLSA we pledge our presence and support as one of the Party organs in carrying out congress mandate to the end!!!

Matankana Mothapo 082 759 0900
YCLSA Gauteng Spokesperson