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Mpumalanga YCL press statement on exam scandal

"We are still committed to free and quality education"

30 November 2009

The Young Communist League of South Africa in Mpumalanga calls upon the Department of education in Mpumalanga to close all the private schools that have been involved in the grade 12 exam scandal, it is disgusting to see the so-called best schools engaging themselves into these activities every year. The poor children from the working class families have worked very hard without adequate teaching and studying material to prepare for their exams but each and every year their future to a better life is always blocked by the privileged kids who got money to buy everything including their future.

Every year the MP GRADE 12 results are under scrutiny and these usually affect the poor kids, who lose out their sponsors and bursaries, and that unfortunately defeats the mission of the South African government of skills development and poverty eradication. We as the YCL in Mpumalanga believe that through education we can break the cycle of poverty and empowering young people to be independent, responsible patriotic citizens, who are innovative and employable.

In the last few years we have witnessed the misconduct by the corporate world in South Africa from corruption to price fixing, as Private education has become an industry than a noble service therefore the private schools are not immune from these practices. The YCL in Mpumalanga believes that those problems surrounding the Grade 12 exams will not be overcomed until we have one system of education whereby everyone, competes in a fair, equal and similar environment. Education was part of the five priorities which made us to campaign and vote for the ANC, therefore as step forward to the realisation of the free and quality education for all. The YCL in Mpumalanga demand the following:

1. The MEC for education in Mpumalanga and the Minister of basic education to close all the private schools which been involved in this scandal.

2. All the officials who were involved to be dismissed and be banned to work with anything concerning education.

3. The government must stop subsidising private schools.


For more information contact:
Maviyo Ndinisa (072 748 1677)