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Exposure of the Madam`s programming: South Africans can never be refugees in this country

26 March 2012

The Young Communist League of South Africa[Ufasimba] noted the recent reckless statements by the leader of the Democratic Alliance. We noticed the programming of the madam to sound as a caring person malfunction and her true character emerged out of the mood. She desperately tried to pose as a better model, but nature expresses itself in its free moments and her liberal onslaught and hatred for progression and the unitary character of the South African state and its people`s unity came to the fore.

The leader of the Democratic Alliance in her true essence called the South Africans who have gone to the Western Cape to seek employment and education opportunities "refugees." This label resembles the same argument that had been advanced by the unapologetic racist Pieter Mulder who recklessly and opportunistically furthered a mad no man`s land theory about the Western Cape, which had been a pride of the colonialists and they claim it as their own conclave point. The madness of these theories of no-man`s land and refugee to those who go to this province in search of opportunity or relocation are rooted in this historical misfortune.

The people of South Africa are truly shocked by the madam but we have said this over time that the madam is a symbol of white supremacy masked with hypocritical stature for democracy and unity. Her true self is found in the oppressive nature of capital that she defends constantly with her neo-liberal stance on issues. She hates real transformation for the black people and believes that they should remain in the former Bantustans. She has a nerve to say such things when the day was about the commemoration of the brutality of the apartheid machinery that killed those who marched against the pass laws that declared a black African a "refugee" in his own country.

Taking a deep look into this thought provoking and distasteful account of history and the distortions embroiled in the language employed in defence of all this nonsensical claims by Mulder and Zille, one cannot avoid the fact that the Western Cape is important to the colonialist and the neo-liberal who are constantly trying to sustain arguments of white supremacy and class dominance, consolidating it as the base of continued oppression.

These reckless statements are complaints by the untransformed apartheid minority that seeks to build its own hub and federal state within our beautiful country; they raise issues of migration from one province to another as if it is a cross border issue. This is a clear attack on the black African people who are students, workers and residents of the Western Cape. This an attack on the indigenous people of South Africa by the fronts of racist capital, and the defenders of illegal advantage.

The Democratic Alliance, like its friends in the Volksfront have demonstrated that they have not yet fully grasped the Constitution they claim to defend and stand by; they expose themselves that they have not yet fully grasped what nation-building and a nation are; they demonstrate that they do not share our vision as a people, a vision of a united, non-racial, non-sexist, democratic and prosperous South Africa. They constantly speak of them being the defenders of a legacy they understand nothing about and the recent sugar coating of the DA with images of black and whites. Speaking of non-racialism as if it`s a mechanical concept that needs soldering irons to connect does not make them a truly non-racial organisation; they are a fallacy, period and our people can see this.

We should expose this white supremacy tendency and the colonial boundaries thinking that seeks to reverse all our gains so far as territorial differences, divisions and false European corners in our country. "South Africa belongs to all who live in it, black and white" and no corner of South Africa belongs to a certain particular people; the whole country is home to all citizens and the madam must wake up and smell the coffee.

Issued by the YCLSA

Mangaliso Stalin Khonza
National Spokesperson
Young Communist League of SA
Cell: 083 617 5546
Tel(w): 011 339 3621