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YCLSA Gauteng Province condemns misinformation about Cabinet`s decision on Gauteng health and social development department

15 December 2011

The Young Communist League of South Africa [uFasimba] in the province of Gauteng notes with deep concern the continued misunderstanding or misinterpretation of the decision by special Cabinet meeting held 5 December 2011 concerning the Gauteng health and social development department. The media, in particular the press, and unfortunately even the "public broadcaster" SABC as evidenced latest in this morningís 6:00 SABC 2 news, are spreading misinformation that the Gauteng department of health and social development has been placed under administration. We find this to be highly disturbing even after the Premier and MEC for health and social development have given categorical clarity in addition to the Cabinet statement which is in no uncertain terms.

The Cabinet in its statement (5 Dec 2011) states clearly that "Gauteng requested assistance to address the challenges in the Health Department". In response to this request, the Cabinet decision is clear about the intervention as thus: "Gauteng Premier signs an agreement with the Minister of Health and the Minister of Finance to address financial management challenges in the Department of Health in Gauteng Province and other matters". Because of the problems the Gauteng health department has been facing, i.e. "large accruals and other financial issues", "The Ministers of Health and Finance will assist the Premier and MEC with: a) Financial management issues; and b) Supply chain management issues". "In addition", the Cabinet decided, "urgent action will be taken in respect of the Gauteng Shared Services Centre (GSSC)".

There is absolutely nothing in the Cabinetís decision for the press and SABC to carry on with the misinformation campaign that they have embarked upon which in our view constitutes the violation of truthful, fair and balanced, let alone objective, reporting. The truth is: the Gauteng health and social development department has not been placed under administration in terms of Section 100 of the Republicís constitution. We condemn the misinformation campaign altogether with its manufacture of negative perception about our ANC-led government in the province.

We reiterate our support as the YCLSA for the Cabinetís decision in providing the assistance that our provincial government has asked for. We would in particular like to place emphasis on our position that sorting out the challenges faced by the Gauteng department of health and social department would require a detailed historical review to the origins and development of the problem.

For further information contact:

Matankana Mothapo Ė YCLSA Gauteng Spokesperson
082 759 0900