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YCLSA dismayed by booing of Cde Jeremy Cronin

3 May 2012

The Young Communist League of South Africa (uFasimba) in the Skenjana Roji District (Buffalo City Region), the district that hosted the historic COSATU mayday celebrations and welcomed the ANC centenary flame simultaneously is dismayed and disgusted by the high level of lumpenic acts displayed by the tiny minority of SAMWU members in the event at Sisa Dukashe Stadium.

The hooligans who were disguised under the banner of SAMWU embarked on their narrow-minded behavior in an endeavour to deprive the workers of the Eastern Cape an opportune to hear the voice of the only vanguard of the working class, the SACP, which was to speak through Cde Jeremy Cronin. We are left wondering why conscious workers would deny their vanguard to speak and give a scientific analysis on the issues that affects the workers and the poor. We are convinced that these were the rented hooligans by those who want to cling unto leadership positions of SAMWU as its congress is drawing closer. We are opposed to this objectification and commoditization of vulnerable workers by those who seek leadership position, as this is tantamount to labour brokering of note.

We would like to make it categorically clear that an attack to Cde Jeremy Cronin whom is the Deputy General Secretary of our party is an attack to the party, an attack to the party is an attack to its YCL and the South African proletarian. Such an attack will never find reverberation in us. Those who seek to undermine our party must be prepared to start with us as we will never lower our guards in defense of our party and its leaders. We are convinced that those who were acting grossly out of order in the event are non-members of the SACP neither they are of the ANC, no member of our organization would have been able to act in a manner that seeks to undermine these organizations particularly in an event with the centenary flame. Any member of our party would know that any descent in the party is treason.

We are calling upon the giant labour federation, COSATU to investigate these lumpens whom are masquerading and disguised under its banner and bring them to book. They must face the full might of the federation as they engaged on a treason act in our view. We canít understand why would a COSATU affiliated union undermine and disrupt a gathering of COSATU.

We are calling upon the federation (COSATU) to remove comrade tsotsis amongst its ranks and files as they harbor a threat to derailing the revolution and postpone the objectives of the federation. COSATU must never lower its guards when it comes to consolidating its gains and deepening of the National Democratic Revolution.

Issued by:
YCLSA Skenjana Roji District.

For more information contact:
Zolani Ndlela
YCLSA District Secretary
Skenjana Roji District