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YCLSA Eastern Cape Provincial Committee statement following the meeting set on the 18th February 2018

20 February 2018

The Young Communist League of South Africa (YCLSA), uFasimba in the Eastern Cape Province held its 9th Provincial Committee (PC) meeting of the 4th Provincial Congress on Sunday, the 18th February 2018 at SACP Offices, Bhisho. The meeting was convened to assess and reflect on organisational building programmes as well as the contemporary development issues in the province, nationally, intercontinentally and universally where possible. The meeting further received the political and organisational reports. Among others things, the meeting expressed its view to the following issues;-

On the activism and visibility of the organisation, the meeting expressed its discomfort around lack of visible campaigns and programmes by our structures on the ground. The meeting reaffirmed the need to make sure that the YCLSA in the province remain a campaigning organisation and that must be done through our structures (Districts, Sub-districts and Branches). We therefore going to embark on organising of more memorial lectures and sessions political education at Mbuyiselo Ngwenda, Skenjana Roji, O. R. Tambo, Chris Hani and Alfred Nzo Districts. We are also going to organise Red and Flag Weekends (twice a month as a starting point).

The meeting decided to dedicate all of its programmes towards making sure that the State Power resolution get implemented by the Party for the benefit of the working class and poor. We therefore decided to focus in the building of not only the YCLSA structures but more structures of the SACP.

Furthermore, the Provincial Committee resolved to intensify the implementation of the Joe Slovo Right To Learn Campaign (JSRTL) as part of registering the YCLSA contribution to issues of education. The YCLSA call on all citizens to embark on a mission of becoming a literate nation. We encourage all people in particular young people to further their studies towards skills that are being needed for the advancement of the revolutionary struggle of the working class and poor. As per the prevailing conditions in South Africa, it is said that studying towards Air Traffic Controllers, Aircraft Pilots, Application Programmers, Architects, Building Architects, Cardiologists, Cartographers and Surveyors, Charted Accountants, Chemical and Physical Science Technicians, Engineers (Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Environmental, Industrial, Mining, Production and Water), Building, Plumbing, Laywers, Judges, Nursing and Medicine (Medical Doctors and Practitioners), Dentists, Economists, Chemists, Paramedic Practitioners, Metallurgists, Meteorologists, Neurosurgeons, Philosophers, Historian and Political Scientists, Sociologists, Anthropologists, System Analysts, Software Application, Web and Multimedia Developers, Teachers (Mathematics and Physical Science) provide better chances of not only getting employment but also being the needed agent of the revolution.

The YCLSA commended the pronouncement of fee-free higher education for the coverage of the families that have a combined household income equal or less than R350 000 per annum. However, we remain firm in calling for Fee-Free Compulsory Education by the taxing of the wealthy to fund this important aspect of developing the nation. The meeting resolved to embark on a programme to call for re-opening of the applications by the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) so that even those student with parents who earn up to R350 000 can benefit as the system did not cater for them previously.

On the preparations for the 2019 elections by the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC-SA), the meeting resolved to embark on a programme of encouraging all citizens of this province in particular the young people to utilise the week of  for registration in the voters-roll so that they can be legible to vote during the coming National and Provincial Elections. It is our aspiration and hope that during the 2019 Elections, the SACP will implement the 14th National Congress of contesting elections actively. The implementation of this resolution is long overdue.

It is our observation as the YCLSA in the province that the Alliance led by the Bourgeois Liberation Movement is not in any way advancing the National Democratic Revolution (NDR) which is a minimum programme agreed to between these formations. It is an undisputable fact that the Party continues to be undermined and made a junior partner in many ways by the African National Congress (ANC) in the decision making that seek to advance the struggle. While this undermining was taking place at a Branch, Sub-district and District levels, it was as if the membership of the Party was lacking the understanding of the pursued revolution but the notion of seeing that this reaching the provincial and national levels, must make all of us to understand that the time of pursuing revolution is now not then. The Metsimaholo experience which was given a greenlight very late has laid a fundamental basis upon which the Party can build concrete foundations going forward because even the current developments within the ANC is likely not going to last for long as more purging is imminent in our province to be specific.

For instance, the much talked about removals of senior leaders of the SACP inclusive of the Central Committee members and SACP Provincial Chairperson on the basis that they are not serving in the structures of the ANC is a clear indication that the SACP is undermined to a greater extent. The active participation of the SACP Provincial Secretary, Cde Xolile Nqatha to this purging of SACP members has left us with no other option other than that of condemning his ill-advised actions. In doing so, we are inspired by what same Cde Nqatha once said when was addressing our meeting last year that everyone has a potential of selling out even himself. Because majority of the Party members in the province are in the dark on what is happening, we are of the view that his actions has reached that level of not only dividing the Party but selling it out. It is against this reason that we decided to condemn with contempt it deserve the clumsy approach (of communicating in the public through media) on changing deployees clearly targeting the Party members by the ANC provincial leadership without any assessment that was embarked upon by the Alliance on the performance of the deployees. They should have done it better if this clumsy approach was not employed by them. In this imminent reshuffle, we are calling for the inclusion of the SACP Provincial Secretary in the Executive Council to ensure that the Party Line is also part of the government highest decision making body.

The meeting resolved to call for the release of all forensic reports that have been done, particularly in municipalities and government departments. The results of investigations on the 2015/2016 irregular expenditures of R1, 569 billion by the O. R. Tambo District Municipality, R 1, 348 billion by the Nelson Mandela Metro, R405 million by the Alfred Nzo District Municipality and R370 million by the Buffalo City Metro just to name few must be made public now in the name of fighting corruption. The communities of these municipalities in particular those in the rural areas of the O. R. Tambo District Municipality are living in zero days when it comes to water (the basic human need). Since the status quo is not in any way changing in relation to the water crisis, we are forced to embark on engagements which will force and make sure that our communities get water now.

The issue of victimisation of workers such as Mr Zama Mzamene and many others by the O. R. Tambo District Municipality is causing us to be extremely worried. We are calling for their reinstatement by the O. R. Tambo District Municipality. We further call on all municipalities to effectively utilise the portion allocated for sport and recreational facilities in the municipal infrastructure grant to build the sporting facilities particularly in rural areas.

Although, we must be happy on some elements of presented on the State of the Nation Address (SONA) as was delivered by President Ramaphosa, particularly in relation to National Health Insurance (NHI), it is our wish that the working class and poor formations must repeat the previous mistake of praising an individual in the form of President than being promotors of collective leadership. Furthermore, the admiration by the working class and poor class enemies on the SONA speech, must send a signal that the day and night vigilance must be the order of the day and night of course led by the revolutionary party which is the SACP. Samuel Johnson among his quotations say ‚ÄúChange of habit are too weak to be felt until they are too strong to be broken‚ÄĚ.

The meeting welcomed the energy displayed to turn things around in State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) by promising to fight corruption. In the same vain, we will observe and closely watch the actions so that the privatisation warning signs can detected at an early stage. In the same spirit of fight corruption, we are calling on clamping down the notion and growing trend of having leaders of organisation becoming divided by notion of who is getting many tenders from government departments and becoming most visible in the municipalities. For instance in the municipalities, there is a visible organised trend of capturing the Municipal Manager, Infrastructure/Technical (Director/Executive Director), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Supply Chain Management/Procurement and Local Economic Development (LED) Officials for corruption practises. This notion must clamped now.

The needed enthusiasm is that of dealing with fraud and corruption that has been facilitated over years. The excessive forms of rampant looting of state resources that continues unabated has even created a resource reservoir to fund factional activities of the governing party. It is a common cause that Lenin summarised the tasks of the working class youth in the following generalisation as to ‚Äúlearn, learn and learn‚ÄĚ. As such ours has been to learn to take full responsibility, to guide the working class youth in the class struggle against national oppression, gender oppression and class super-exploitation.

Issued by the YCLSA Eastern Cape

Provincial Secretary YCLSA EC
Cde Andile Mosha