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Recycled, Repackaged but yet Irrelevant Gossip Intended to Discredit the President

7 December 2012

YCLSA response to M&G of 7th December 2012

The Mail and Guardian issue of 7th December 2012 repackaged a story titled `the kept-politician` which in our view is nothing but a desperate attempt by those who dismally failed to get their candidates nominated for the position of ANC President at the recent provincial nomination conferences.

The story has nothing but but Mangaung written all over it, and takes us back five years ago where the media is used to try and dissuade delegates from pushing ahead with the election of the President Jacob Zuma.

Just like in Polokwane, they will be met with failure.

What we are most concerned about is that the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) still strives on leaks, years after its case was struck of the roll and subsequently dropped and is allowing political plotters to conduct a prosecutorial and judicial role against President Zuma.

This use of some within state prosecution to subject the President in a media trial before ANC Conference, using lies that were reinvented, recycled and repackaged in order to suit the times of Mangaung is a tired trick that will never succeed.

At first, warring factions used the DA to leak information about state cases, and when that proving dismal, they now rely on the newspapers to do the same dirty job they did for former President Thabo Mbeki and Bulelani Ncguka in order to win battles in the ANC.

Since the stories about the security renovations in Nkandla became media headlines, we knew that it was the beginning of the rumor mill and slander that can only be stopped Buby ANC delegates in Mangaung once and for all. Until then, slander, mudslinging, fallacious propaganda, sensationalism and `leaks` will be orchestrated to achieve the same goals that Mbeki and Nqcuka failed to achieve.

What is more Disgusting is that this dossier was never tested by any credible institution but is presented as facts; worse President Zuma is refused a basic right to reply.

We are certain that branches of ANC will not be fooled by this oppositionist commercial media but YCLSA is extremely worried by those who collaborate with people`s enemy for narrow political expediency. In fact, the more the slander targeted at victimizing President Zuma, the better he stands to be re-elected.

Issued by YCLSA Head Office
Mawethu Rune
YCLSA Deputy National Chairperson

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Cell: 074 5 204 204

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