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Non Racism
The socialisation of the ownership and control of the means of production
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YCLSA on the Recent Racial Spats on Social Networks

9 May 2012

The Young Communist League of South Africa [Ufasimba] hereby condemns the increased racial spats in public forums like social networks by backward, reactionary and divisive elements in our society. This increased spats has shown us that much needs to be done in terms of addressing racial divisions which are just a manifestation of the exploitative and brutal capitalist system that characterise the South African divisions that have been fascist in their nature.

Societal divisions are not a unique problem to South Africa but the racial problem is once more becoming rife as we try to unite South Africans which have been divided by colonial and apartheid capital which has set and conditioned white supremacy and black subjugation, with women being the hard hit. The recent attitude of the model Dos Santos on twitter and the student Ken Sinclair from CPUT on facebook demonstrate how the underlying racial supremacist attitudes still dominate our society and if left unchecked could rise amidst the challenges faced by our society and the globe.

However, this does not mean that ignorance must rise in our society of the effects of the history of South Africa and the class relations that have manifested themselves through race over this history since the arrival of the colonialists. South African class relations need to be transformed and the questions around exclusion, access and transformation of economic relations must be addressed so that even the black majority can enjoy the benefits of a growing economy that they are still excluded from through various exploitative practises even post the attainment of democracy.

We condemn even the attitudes that respond to the situation with the intention to fuel the situation and call for calm from all South Africans and further state that all should understand South Africa belongs to all who live in it black and white without skin colour being a determinant of citizenship.

Issued by the YCLSA Head Office

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