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Exposure of the shrewd and naked ideological inclination of the Democratic Alliance

16 May 2012

The Young Communist League of South Africa [uFasimba] is not in any way surprised at the recent exposure and nakedness of ideological inclination of the chief neo-liberal agent, the Democratic Alliance (DA). The DA in its support of the controversial Youth Wage subsidy has proved to be an agent of white minority capital which despite the challenges across the country and the globe have taken a stance to ensure that they are not labour absorptive and continue to seek monstrous concessions that will only lead to a reversal of the gains made by the government led by our movement that has been elected by the people of South Africa; thus forcing it to have limited choices in fulfilling its mandate to the people.

The youth wage subsidy is touted now by the DA and its media allies now as the only hope to take care of the rising unemployment crisis as it is speculated to have potential to take some 400 000 youth out of poverty and get them employed where they will get the much needed experience. However, what is not being said here is that the youth who have to bear the brunt of this subsidy will never be the actual beneficiaries of the subsidy as it is aimed at enticing capital to employ them. Post this employment; capital will be interested in the new group that has to be absorbed to get new subsidies that will benefit its profit maximisation aim and thus a creation of a revolving door syndrome that will see new entrants into the market being preferred to old entrants into the system.

This is just one problem as the system itself will pit the old workers against the new subsidised army of workers who are vulnerable and can be exploited without the protection of the rights regime capital has been complaining of for ages since the advent of worker rights. This labour modern slave market will not be tolerated by ourselves and it disgusts us that the youth vulnerability due to socio-economic challenges that are manifestations of the brutal, exploitative and crisis prone capitalist system that has seen the growth of wealth and profits that do not relate to benefits to the whole of society or increased employment as they depend mainly in the financial growths as we have evidenced in our own country particularly, and the global situation.

The DA has shown its weak moral fibre that is rooted in the exploitative attitudes that they hold in many issues and have exposed themselves in the public eye as no hypocrisy as they subscribe to can be hidden. Their anti-progressive attitudes cannot continue disillusion or even be sugar coated despite the media also playing a role in consolidating this hardened attitudes towards instability and disorganising the revolutionary alliance in its pursuance of transformation in South Africa.

We fundamentally condemn the instigation of black on black war by the DA which clearly calculated what was to happen out of its decision to march to COSATU house; this ploy was just to garner sympathy support for the Youth Wage subsidy by direct misleading action and neo-liberal lie of equal opportunity without equal access and benefit. The injuries that followed were unfortunate but were calculated with intended consequences and we wish a speedy recovery to those that were injured and the journalists that got injured at work.

The recent case is the Public Protector case where they were exposed and Helen Zille in her true neo-liberal attitude runs to the courts whereas she makes a lot of noise when it is not her party or its members found to be in the wrong. Worst of all she had made a commitment to resign and we still amazed at why she is still premier in the Western Cape and now remind her that she must resign from her position of Premier due to the corruption; she should stop coercing the Public Protector with court threats. Whether the report was leaked does not change the merits of the corruption that has been uncovered, the corruption in her administration and the contravention of rules means that she must just resign and stop her bullying tactics.

The increased intercourse of the chief agent of capital in South Africa with the imperialists that continue to lead the way of global neo-liberal oppression are exposed in the push to award Obama the President of the United States with the Freedom of the City of Cape Town amounts to an outsourcing of our city which the DA thinks it`s a capital of an independent republic which they have an illusion of running. Reminder the Western Cape is part of the unitary South African Republic as this is not a federal republic like the one the chief imperialist they awarding with Freedom of the City comes from.

There is a constant onslaught from apartheid apologists, white minority capital defenders and their co-opted members in the academia and the media against the revolutionary alliance which they would be happy to see breaking apart. This Freedom of the City they conferring is just another way of the symbolism they attach to their global integration into the imperialist outlook that sees our nation as nothing than an exporter of resources, a market for brain draining and cheap labour; we are not going to allow all this to happen, we will oppose this neo-liberal sense of foolish pride with all.

Issued by thE YCLSA Head Office

Mangaliso Stalin Khonza
National Spokesperson
Young Communist League of SA
Cell: 083 617 5546
Tel(w): 011 339 3621