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YCLSA calls for Zille to resign

14 May 2012

The Young Communist League of South Africa (uFasimba) in the Western Cape is calling for the resignation of Premier Hellen Zille. She has continuously exposed her racist attitude towards Blacks by calling them refugees and systematically removing them from influential positions in Government through a "so called" modernization process. This process has led to the discontinuation of social security initiatives such as "soup kitchens", which in the main benefited the impoverished communities which are Africans and Coloureds. The DA continues to deny the working class and poor communities access to basic services such as decent schools and sanitation, and generally there is a skewed allocation of resources and development in favour of affluent communities.

Zille, the leader of DA (our enemy in the struggle for the liberation of the working class) is an agent that seeks to destroy the administration of the ANC by trying hard utilizing state resources and its institutions to undermine and challenge pro-poor ANC policy positions. "Holly" Zille has portrayed her organization as the best in terms of administration in Western Cape but guess what, it is the worst in corruption but has been protected by the media to hide it from the public as if DA is immune to corruption. DA with Zille, are milking the state protect and sustain White privileges.

We welcome the findings by the Public Protector that further confirmed that the Western Cape government is not holier than thou. In fact the modernization facilitated for the deployment of DA cadres in the administration. In relation to the communications tender, the Public Protector found that the actions of the director general in the premier`s office, Brent Gerber, were "unlawful, improper" and amounted to "maladministration". The DA government has never had the interest of our people at heart, but always sought to advance the narrow interests of business, the rich and white South Africans. Hellen Zille had promised South Africans that she will resigned if her administration was implicated, but because she is a political chameleon who refuses to resign as previously promised!!!!

Issued by YCLSA Western Cape

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Provincial Spokesperson
Disang Mocumi
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