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Ronald Lamola desperately in search for popularity through our National Secretary

4 May 2012

The Young Communist League of South Africa (uFasimba) Eastern Cape Province, notes with both concern and amusement, the fact that the Deputy President of the African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL) is in quest of announcing his arrival on politics through attacking both the National Secretary of the Young Communist League of South Africa and the Young communist League of South Africa.

This is a desperate attempt for media popularity and our National Secretary shall not enter popularity contest with the Lamola`s of this world. Populism political is owned through working hard and representing honestly the views and the cause of the organisation that you happen to be a member of.

The forebears of our democracy, those who died, exiled, and executed by the apartheid regime for their noble commitment to build a non racial and a classless society must be turning in their graves to hear that, an uncultured ignoramus seeks to try and present himself as the voice of those who are now voiceless while actually embarking on foolish slurs camouflaged under the guise of being a revolutionary more than the revolution itself.

While we know very well that a mere and a political virgin like Ronald Lamola can never portray astute knowledge about the organisational autonomy of the YCLSA, whom by chance happened to be on its leadership, we are however, appalled by the fact that he chose to ride on the same bike with those who today find themselves on political wilderness.

As we warned them before, we shall offer our free advice to Mr Lamola that historically anti-communist tendencies have been brutally squashed and we will continue squashing them political.

Thus Mr Lamola must be careful not to yearn for the past under the new conditions.

We call upon the ANCYL, our reliable revolutionary ally, to work with the Young Communist League of South Africa and other progressive youth formations in our country to champion the interests of the young people in our country and not allow our unity to be compromised by those who want to lead from the grave.

As we said before, we are ready and prepared to defend our national leadership of the YCLSA, YCLSA and the SACP against anyone or anything that seeks to undermine its ability to fight for Socialism and ultimately Communism in our country.

As a result we invite all their detractors to deal directly with us, as we are the front line of defence, the path only through which our organisations` can be reached.

Issued by YCLSA Eastern Cape

Provincial Secretary
Cde Mluleki Dlelanga
078 6429004