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YCL calls for action on Madonsela`s Western Cape corruption findings

13 May 2012

The Young Communist League [uFasimba] calls for action on the findings of mismanagement and maladministration by Adv. Thuli Madonsela on the communications tender exposed by the Sunday Times and investiugated by her office on the Western Cape provincial government.

These findings are indicative of the fact that the Western Cape government is not as hollier than thou as it seeks to project itself, and that the Democratic Alliance has blurred the lines between party-politics and government business.

We call on the other institutions of the state to further investigate and act on the findings of the Public Protector.

Zille must Resign

The YCL further call on the leader of the Democratic Alliance and the Premier of the Western Cape, Hellen Zille, to keep her promise that she will resign if there are findings of irregularity in the communications tender.

At the time of the expose, and when there were calls for investigations, Zille said in a statement that she will resign if there are any findings that implicates her party or government in maladminsitration.

Although Zille is not implicated, and is not bound by any law to resign, the moral code in this instance dictates that she keeps only one of her many promise as a politician and relinquish office. Failure to resign will mean that she is a deceptive, unreliable and cunning leader who only blurps or tweets at the spur of the moment without thinking of the implications, as was the case with her "blacks are refugees" statements and tweets.

We Should Fight Corruption in all fronts

The YCL agrees with the Public Protector on the need to fight corruption in all fronts whenever it rears its ugly head. The notion that because it is only corruption in the public sector or by politicians that are high profile does not mean that the other sector are free of corruption.

In many instances, in civil society, NGO`s, trade-unions and in the private sector serious corruption goes unnoticed and affects millions of our people and includes billions of Rands.

In the trade-union movement, for instance, worker leaders are responsible for billions in pension and provident funds money which fund managers are sometimes tempted to corrupt union officials to dictate where investments should be made or funds should be administered.

The same applies to NGO`s whom, some, dedicated to fighting corruption, have unknown sources of funding and can only be fought if we as a nation unite to expose such acts.

The YCL remains committed in the fight against corruption and the need for good governance and quality service delivery for all our people.

Issued by YCLSA National Office

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