The Young Communist League of South Africa is a Marxist-Leninist youth wing of the SACP.

The YCL stands for:

Non Racism
The socialisation of the ownership and control of the means of production
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Communist University - Political School Material

YCLSA Moses Mabhida Declaration of the 4th Provincial Congress

29 July 2018

We, the  more than 150 delegates from nine(9) districts in good standing across the width and breadth of KwaZulu-Natal have gathered here at the Durban University of Technology(DUT), ML Sultan campus under the theme “Deepening Youth Mobilization For Socialism” from Saturday 28th to Sunday, 29th July 2018 for our 4th Provincial Congress , resolute, motivated and energetic to revive the Communist League of the Vanguard Party . We acknowledge and appreciate the presence of the Former YCLSA Provincial Leadership, National Committee as deployed by the National Secretary, Cde Mluleki Dlelanga and equally welcome his attendance and address to Congress. The Congress received the Political and Organizational Report that reflected on the international balance of forces; the state of the National Democratic Revolution (NDR), 4th Industrial Revolution and the future of work as well as the state of the organization.

We have devoted ourselves to struggle, out of conviction and dedication to the cause for fundamental social transformation hence the necessity for the convening of this Congress. The great Vladimir Lenin proposes the concept of organization as a condition of strategy which gives base the working-class character of our organization, as well as the communist content of Lenin’s strategy. This is the very reason why as an organization, we had to honor our constitutional obligations by convening the Provincial Congress which the Komsomol of Moses Mabhida have been yearning for, for quite a long time. This affords young communists an opportunity and offers a platform to engage on a variety of issues as well as to re-look at, make analysis and evaluation of their own organization.

Our motivations and aspirations to re-build the YCL in the province for the overall pursuance of the Socialist struggle as well as the advancement of youth development, which is a critical aspect of the whole struggle for Socialism are derived from our political and revolutionary consciousness and total commitment to communist work.

The Congress is taking place during both the bi- centennial of the great Karl Marx whom is regarded as one the greatest and most revolutionary thinkers the world has ever seen, the centennial and birth-month of Isithalandwe, Nelson Rholihlahla Mandela whom despite not having been a leading communist figure continue to evoke inspiration amongst many revolutionaries. We are therefore encouraged to continue elevating the intensity with which we engage the struggle for a socialist society.

As this Congress, we have deliberated extensively on a wide range of issues seeking to develop a framework and mechanism to grapple with contemporary issues and impediments that continue to confront particularly young people.


We resolve that the incessant campaign for free quality education should be intensified. YCLSA structures must be at the fore-front of this campaign alongside our sister organizations, ANCYL SASCO and COSAS to ensure that fundamental reforms are qualitatively realized in curriculum and content orientation.

We further re-affirm the YCLSA campus-based branches 2015 summit theme “Education for the Youth and Youth for Education”. We re-iterate calls for a radical program to de-commodify and decolonialize education for increased and greater accessibility. We firmly believe that working class solidarity is a pre-requisite if any progress on this question is to be made. Youth structures, Student organizations, trade unions and civil society all have an important role to play and mobilization of these behind a common vision must be an undertaking, we as the YCL assume.

We call on recommendations of the various committees which have been set up to look at the issue free, compulsory and quality education be implemented without any hint of fail. We strongly believe that these must be compatible with interventions such as curriculum transformation, as well an abolishing of institutional autonomy.

State and Popular power

As a measure towards total social mobilization for Socialism, the pertinent of State and Popular (or Peoples) power needs to be agitated further. The YCL has articulated its views steadfastly on this matter for a long period of time.

However the premise from which Congress deliberated on this discussion is no longer a matter of debate but a question elaborated on the resolution of the 14th Party Congress ,as clearly expressed in that Congress’s declaration that “…while the Party will certainly contest elections , the exact modality in which we do so, needs to be determined by a way of concrete analysis of the concrete reality and through a process of active engagement with workers and progressive formations.”

Congress hence resolved on a much radicalized and robust enforcement of this resolution, with an affirmation that indeed the Party should contest elections.

Expropriation of land and the Ingonyama Trust debate

The mandate of Ingonyama Trust as provided for in the establishing act KwaZulu Government Trust Act, is to hold all the land owned that was hitherto owned or belonged KwaZulu government….” for the benefit, material well-being of the members of the tribes and communities” living on such land. Congress conceded that the Trust has failed dismally to discharge this mandate. It is for this reason that we resolved on the expropriation of land that the Trust currently holds and for such land to be put under ownership of communities and families living on such land.
Congress noted the inadequate land ownership patterns with official figures citing that Black South Africans own a paltry 1.2 % of the country’s rural land and 7 % in towns and cities. Land continues to be concentrated in the hands of the white minority with elements of patriarchal relations of production being a distinct feature. We resolved that the pace which land and agrarian reform needs to be radically accelerated.

We are also disappointed with the continued emphasis on land tenure instead of ownership by government and its recently appointed inter-ministerial committee on land reform. We re-affirm the YCL’s standing position that the land must expropriate without compensation and must be under of the working class.

Elected Leadership of the 4th YCLSA Provincial Congress

Just as we had thoroughly preparations on the content for our congress; likewise we openly discussed the question of leadership within our constitution stipulations. In the process of engagements, we arrived in as full consensus of the character and composition of the leadership. We thus unanimously elected the following them as the YCLSA 4th Provincial Congress Provincial Committee;

Province Office Bearers

Provincial Secretary: Cde Sandile Dayi
Provincial Chairperson: Cde. Ayanda Zulu
Provincial Treasurer: Cde. Nomcebo Dlamini
Provincial Deputy Secretary: Cde. Sandile Khubisa
Provincial Deputy Chairperson: Cde.  Nhlahla Xaba


We have committed to re-building and growing the YCLSA into a truly fighting organization for socialism. In praise of communism we re-affirm ourselves as the Young Communist League of South Africa (YCLSA) of the South Africa Communist Party(SACP) and we shall be working together with the Party of Socialism come Communism in implementing the decision of the 14th National Congress. We commit to developing strong and robust campaigns against social impediments e.g crime, gender-based violence, poor provision of health services, drug addiction and substance abuse. We also commit to campaigning strongly against grand corruption both in State institutions and the private sector which is mostly underpinned by super exploitation of workers and labour. We declare our congress was characterized by maximum discipline and unity as the core values of the revolutionary force of the Marxism-Leninism.