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Communist University - Political School Material

Issue 2, Vol 15: 15 March 2018

In this issue:


Viewpoint by Orapeleng Vanilla MatshedisoSouth African Communist Party (SACP) needs to revolutionize the School Governing Bodies in pursuit of entrenching its hegemony in the society for future state power

By Orapeleng “Vanilla” Matshediso

I want to advertently opine on the advent of the School Governing Bodies (SGBs) elections in the country, this remains one of the neglected sector and site of struggle for socialism. I painstakingly think the SACP must seize this great moment to strategically deploy its tried and tested comrades with relevant skills and requisite leadership qualities to various SGBs with the objective of transforming and revolutionizing the basic education.

Accordingly, I want to acutely predicate that, I am not insinuating nor positing that, the elective meetings of the SGBs must be engulfed and marred by political contestations. Persuasively, I am suggesting that if a branch of the SACP has a school located in its area must strategically convene branch general meeting and identify all parents who might be having children in that school, thereafter, it can systematically lobby its members to support and vote for its candidates. The vanguard party of the poor and the working class must strive by all means to avail candidates who are beyond reproach and who understand the struggle of the downtrodden and destitute masses of our people. The SACP must never be apologetic about its advancement of the dictatorship of the proletariats in building the popular front for socialist agenda. Honestly, National democratic revolution cannot be attained without closing the ranks and occupying the political vacuum in the society. The crunch of my argument is premised on the narrative that reveals the fact that, history doesn’t allow vacuum, because such state of affairs might lead to the emergence of political adventurists and opportunists, parading and masquerading as the dependable allies of the offensive.

Realistically, the SGBs are the strategic centre of power in our schools and basic education in general. This abandoned site of struggle remains to be the strategic repository of societal transformation. Astutely, it would be through this structure that, the SACP could infuse the socialist ideology in schools and society in general. This task will require cadres who would be able to influence the policy direction of the education sector in South Africa. Convincingly, the institutions of learning must be transformed to be the social architects that would assist in the construction of the socialist society as envisaged by the SACP and the progressive forces of the world. This revolutionary task will assist to deal with some reactionary schools that still have remnants of racial discriminations in their policy nuances and perspectives. It is treacherous that in the democratic South Africa, we still have schools that treat other languages as more important than the others. We still have some schools that still use the discriminatory admission policies. All these tendencies intend to deprive the children of the poor and working class an opportunity to access education that has been commodified and privatized , SACP must categorically and practically build “people’s education for people’s power’”. Objectively, this posture of strategic deployment will deepen democracy and strengthen accountability in the basic education.

History also bestow upon the shoulders of the Progressive Youth Alliance the responsibility to assist in building a strong Congress of South African Students (COSAS), this students organization must fearlessly strive to democratize and transform the education sector. We must never build COSAS that focuses its greater energy and interests on Supply Chain Management for their individual political rapacity as oppose to championing the interest of learners and advancement of the national democratic revolution. However, I state and posit that there is nothing wrong with COSAS to advocate for SCM that is biased to companies of the working class and the poor sections of the society. The developmental agenda can only be pursued when the previously marginalized sections of the society stand to benefit from the victories of the national democratic revolution. This step will assist the party to entrench its hegemony and build the popular front for state power.

Orapeleng “Vanilla” Matshediso Provincial Committee Member at Moses Kotane, he writes in his personal capacity