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Communist University - Political School Material

Issue 14, Vol 14: 23 November 2017

In this issue:


Viewpoint by Thokozane Stix NeneUntil Gaza territory and the Golan Heights are freed, stuggle continues.....

By Thokozane Stix Nene

"Continue the struggle to liberate your land, there is no way but resistance to occupation". Che Guevarra

This was the assertion by the Cuban revolutionary, Argentinian born commandante Enersto Che Guevarra. It was in his visit to Palestine in 1959, after the Bandung conference of the Non-Aligned Movement in 1955. He visited refugee camps to see natives who were forcefully evicted from their homes in the southern part of Palestine by the Ýouv (Israel military operation) also known as the 'Ten Plagues'.

''In short, the imperialist countries provide the South African racists with the latest military equipment, planes, missiles, tanks, artillery, blueprints for armaments production and military skills. Part of the imperialist strategy is the consolidation of ties between Zionist Israel and fascist South Africa (then apartheid regime). In the Middle East the conspiracy is to attempt to destroy the legitimate aspirations and struggle of the Arab peoples and, in particular, the Palestinian people under the leadership of the PLO (Palestine Liberation Organisation)". Oliver Tambo, 23 August 1977, (World Conference for Action Against Apartheid).

This year on this month of November, marks the anniversary of the resolution 181 of the UN (United Nations) day for solidarity and commitment with the people of Palestine against Israel apartheid which is inseparable to capitalism an evil system based of exploitation, wars, crime and creating crisis to mankind, the resolution was taken in 1977 by the UN General Assembly. The situation was viewed as one that will affect global security and peace. Up to this day and age, the UN is not practically decisive in upholding this resolution, but documented rhetorical resolution, which includes the UN Security Council has not taken drastic steps to address the conflict.

We applaude the immense work done by the BDS (Boycott, Disinvestment and Sanctions) movement internationally inclusive in our mother land. We should intensify the campaign for boycott, disinvestment and sanctions on Israel apartheid state. Mobilise all sections of the society not occasionally, but repetitively wherever we are always, until the Palestine territory and the Golan Heights are freed from oppression. Ours is to inject more pressure in the boycott of, even the apartheid Israel services and products, expose all pro apartheid companies. Bulldozers used to demolish houses, IT companies utilised in the entry/exit restrictions points and so forth, as part of the business boycott. In South Africa we have witnessed a progressive campaign against Woolworths shop countrywide which is one of the shops which stocks Israel products, where the outlet lost millions of rands, due to the intense campaign.

" Why does the government of this country (Israel) think that the world will be impervious to this macabre genocide that is being committed today against the Palestinian people". Fidel Castro

For decades, the Palestinian people are living in utmost inhuman conditions, especially in areas of the occupied Westbank witnessed gross violation of human rights by the Zionist Israel. It has been years since the killing of innocent civilians, hostile and unfair imprisonment such as detention without trial by apartheid authorities, brutalisation of children by apartheid security forces, Illegal expropriation of land which is against international legislation, knocking down of settlements, interference in the Gaza Strip, it's restrictions and check points, launch of attacks and other war crimes committed. The ICC (International Criminals Court) vocal silence is noted, on the predicament faced by the Palestinians in their own land, whereas we have witnessed African leaders summoned anyhow, hence the ICC is viewed by multitudes as nothing but an organ of the western right wing imperialists.

The downgrading or rather shutting down of the South African embassy in Israel, in Ramat Gan can be a progressive advance in putting more pressure to the apartheid state. Not so long ago the former Minister of Higher Education was denied visa by Israel while on an official academic tour to Palestine. Part of the tour was the initiation of a possible partnership of UJ (University of Johannesburg) and Birzeit University. This is the validation that Palestine is heavily isolated, discriminated and mistreated. There is no freedom of movement in the country which is again contrary to international law. Freedom of movement should start from their own borders, to control who enters Palestine and who leaves the country. The verity of the matter is that one can't board from any country into Palestine without going through Israel reactionary airports like the Ben Gurion airport. Hence it is paramount that Palestine control their air space.

The show goes on.....Recently the Palestinan President Mahmoud Abbas was directed by Saudi Arabia to accept a US (United States of America) President Donald Trump team peace plan or relinquish power with immediate effect. Further instructed to distance themselves from Iran after a visit of a Hamas delegation. This is evident of the continued arrogance and bullying of imperial powers and it's puppet states. A distant light....After enormous efforts by the US and Israel to reject the official member status of Palestine, in September this year in China during the Interpol General Assembly , with which is the worlds leading police network, which translates that many countries acknowledges Palestine as a legitimate state. This is a platform which can be used to share information and receive assistance from other Interpol member states, further take legal steps against Israel. Israel President Benjamin Netanyahu reflected that this decision will harm peace and stability in the region. The more Palestine is recognised by UN committees makes it closer to the light of an unstoppable statehood, in pursuit of a two state solution.

"The unconditional upholding of the right of the Palestine people to self determination must be an essential condition for a comprehensive settlement of the Middle East conflict, including Israeli withdrawal from occupied territories". Oliver Reginald Tambo, Geneva Conference on Palestine

Few days ago human and social right activists marched to the South African embassy in Ramallah, which with grievances. The behaviour of our S.A. ambassador based in Tel Aviv is noted and worrisome to the struggle against Zionist apartheid. Our diplomatic relations with other countries should not be at the expense of our historical allies who are under siege and blockade. Early this year the President of South Africa has discouraged trips to apartheid Israel, which is in commitment to support Palestine. The Alliance and the mass democratic forces in our country has standing resolutions on the unwavering support to Palestine. A lasting peaceful settlement remains an urgent matter.

Long Live the undying spirit of Yasser Arafat!!!

* Thokozane Stix Nene is the YCLSA Moses Mabhida Provincial Deputy Secretary and ANCYL KZN Provincial Executive Committee member (International Relations subcommittee), writes in his own capacity.