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YCLSA Gauteng PEC statement on SACP Provincial Congress

19 March 2012

The Third Young Communist League of South Africa [uFasimba] Gauteng Congress Provincial Executive Committee (PEC) convened in its Special Plenary Session on Saturday, 17 March 2012 in Johannesburg. This Plenary Session followed highly successful PEC-led Lekgotla that took place during the weekend of 3 to 4 March 2012 and a long political process to reposition the SACP in Gauteng.

The purpose of our Third PEC Plenary Session was to finalise preparations for the forthcoming SACP Gauteng Provincial Congress to take place next weekend, 23 to 24 March 2012. It is in this congress that as the YCLSA we aim to cement our work in repositioning the SACP in the province firmly in line with the revolutionary principle of democratic centralism.

Our work to reposition the SACP in the province flows from the declaration of our Second Provincial Congress, held August 2008. We worryingly noted in the declaration that the SACP in Gauteng was characterised by the dominance of a factional tendency that sought to run it as if it was an independent parallel organisation to the SACP one whole. This factional tendency involved other ideological allegiances other than Marxism-Leninism in contrast to the guiding principles of the party, and therefore it involved ill-discipline, anarchy and an undermining of the revolutionary principle of democratic centralism. We condemned this factional tendency and declared to confront it with all our might.

On Saturday, 17 March 2012 the PEC was satisfied that the YCLSA in the province has gone a long way to dislodge the tendency although the remaining task is to completely exterminate and deal with it decisively whenever it rears its absolutely ugly head.

Our final preparation for the forthcoming SACP Provincial Congress was also informed by the mandate and declaration from our Third Provincial Congress that took place November 2011. The PEC reaffirmed our Third Provincial Congress guidance for the YCLSA to advance the party’s Medium Term Vision (MTV), defend the party and its leadership who have attracted attacks for being disciplined and resolute in implementing the party line. These attacks come from the ranks of different actors, to name but a few, the internal enemy, liberals, workerists and opportunists, right-wing and populist demagogues.

The PEC noted that manoeuvres are still continuing, at times disguised and masked and at times open, to attack the party and its leadership and reaffirmed that no stone will be left unturned in defending the party. As the YCLSA, we want to emerge from the forthcoming SACP Provincial Congress with a party province that will uncompromisingly and assertively advance and defend the MTV and the national party leadership.

Through the MTV, under Marxist-Leninist principles we seek to achieve working class presence, influence and impact in all centres of power. As the YCLSA we shall therefore make use of the SACP Provincial Congress to ensure the party emerges with decisive resolutions and a deep-going programme to achieve working class hegemony in the community, the work place, the economy, the ideological terrain and the battle of ideas, the international terrain with Gauteng playing a significant role, and the state in particular for any serious revolution.

We are convinced that once the working class has presence, influence and impact under the leadership of a vanguard party in terms of Marxist-Leninist principles no single significant centre of power in our society will be able to exercise that power without being directed by the interest of the working class. This will ensure that the social conditions of young people are improved for the better with a greater advance towards a better life for all.

We discussed the leadership question to take forward the party agenda as we understand and have been championing it.

As the YCLSA we appreciate the tremendous progress that has been achieved in repositioning the SACP in Gauteng. This is not the outcome of our work alone and is neither a youth sectarian agenda. We appreciate the fact that the party leadership in the province comprises of leaders who embraced the agenda to reposition. While we endorsed that there must be change we resolved those leaders must continue. The PEC also welcomed the fact that there is greater consensus that has emerged in the province regarding the leadership question. As the YCLSA we have a significant number of delegates from our own PEC and SACP branches to SACP Gauteng Congress with voting rights.

We regard the question of a Communist Party leadership as an internal question and congress declaration as the formal platform to pronounce leadership once due processes are concluded. The PEC resolved therefore to adopt a rupture from the sub-culture of announcing names of individuals for leadership through media. As the YCLSA we shall therefore not pronounce through the media the names that we endorsed.

Issued by:
The YCLSA Gauteng Province

For more information please contact:

Matankana Mothapo
Provincial Spokesperson
Cell: 082 759 0900