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Communist University - Political School Material

The YCLSA Linda Jabane District supports the student-worker protests against unfair dismissal of employees at Wits University by Royal Mnandi Solutions

9 May 2012

The YCL would like to express its support for the heroic action of Wits students to boycott meals served in canteens where workers of a catering company Royal Mnandi were unfairly dismissed.

The action of students is a direct slap on the face to university managers who insist that outsourcing services results in efficient running of the important departments within the university. The food boycott exposes the degree to which this institution has gone to privatise itself. The practice of outsourcing services to modern day slave owners, the labour brokers is once again exposed and as the YCL we continue to condemn it with strongest possible terms. Slave owners are nothing but the shield by employers who refuses to pay decent wages and to provide better working conditions.

The Wits workers have been dismissed for fighting for their legitimate developmental rights of decent working conditions and decent pay. The struggle for total liberation of the working class from the brutal capitalist system continues.

Without the abolishment of this class exploitative capitalist system conditions of the working class will continue to degenerate. The occurrence at Wits is only the ice tip to the real problems encountered in other institutions where almost everything is outsourced and workers are suffering. The university managers do little if not nothing to ensure that workers are treated fairly under these outsourced companies.

The student –worker alliance remains the important tool to fight privatisation of public institutions of higher learning. We commend our allies in that institution for exposing the hypocrisy of not only Royal Mnandi solutions but the university managers themselves.

As the Young communist league in Linda Jabane, working with our allies and workers we will follow this matter to ensure that a solution that favors workers is reached. We call Royal Mnandi solutions to reinstate affected workers with immediate effect and constructive dialogue commence between the parties to find amicable solutions, solutions that will not rob bread to families of all affected workers.

Long live student-worker alliance against labour brokering in institutions of higher leaning long live!

Issued by Young Communist League Linda Jabane District

For more information Contact:

District Secretary Richard Mamabolo 079 670 0294
District Spokesperson Malibongwe Masango 078 378 9624