The Young Communist League of South Africa is a Marxist-Leninist youth wing of the SACP.

The YCL stands for:

Non Racism
The socialisation of the ownership and control of the means of production
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PO Box 1027
Johannesburg 2000
South Africa

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The Bottomline 

The Bottomline

The Bottomline is an exclusively electronic publication of the Young Communist League, providing up-to-the-minute information on the programmes, perspectives and policies of the Party on current national and international issues. It is published every Thursday.

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Date Title No
27 September 2013 Reflections on the role of young workers: the current phase of our struggle Issue 18, Vol 10
23 September 2013 Braaing the National Reconciliation...Charade? Issue 17, Vol 10
19 September 2013 The DA`s brand of `Non - white` leaders in Post-Apartheid South Africa Issue 16, Vol 10
30 August 2013 Syria besieged: means to end crisis not of Syrian people Issue 15, Vol 10
27 June 2013 Youth Employment Accord offers Mass-Based and Holistic Approach to Employment Creation Issue 14, Vol 10
14 June 2013 Youth of the Nation Issue 13, Vol 10
31 May 2013 91st& 10thAnniversary of uFasimba Issue 12, Vol 10
10 May 2013 The role young workers should play in workers struggles, the national democratic revolution and the struggle for socialism Issue 11, Vol 10
30 April 2013 Special Bottomline: YCLSA 3rd National Committee 7th Plenary Session Issue 10, Vol 10
25 April 2013 The SACP, the working class and State Power-For Socialism Issue 9, Vol 10
11 April 2013 Preserve their legacy Issue 8, Vol 10
05 April 2013 YCLSA UCT Complaint to the South African Human Rights Commission Issue 7, Vol 10
08 March 2013 The real meaning of Women`s day: What is to be done? Issue 6, Vol 10
22 February 2013 Liberals and their toy telephones Issue 5, Vol 10
08 February 2013 Youth wage subsidy: wacked re - proposition, dusted off response Issue 4, Vol 10
01 February 2013 FNB; was it really freedom of speech? Issue 3, Vol 10
25 January 2013 We must be the democracy we want Issue 2, Vol 10
18 January 2013 The challenges facing the South African society and the role of compromises: A response to Steven Friedman Issue 1, Vol 10
13 December 2012 The roads to Mangaung: There is just no single road Issue 23, Vol 9
30 November 2012 YCL World AIDS Day message Issue 22, Vol 9
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National Secretary - Buti Manamela


The Young Communist League of South Africa supports and calls for the complete ban of  labour brokers, join us as we heed this call to government.


The Bottomline is an exclusively electronic publication of the Young Communist League.

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